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Session Five: A Rebirth Begins In Athas 11-20

November 27, 2011

When we last left the party they had just won an overwhelming battle, and the party was surrounded by a group known as the free, who had Elentha with them.  The party, answering questions dumbly, almost causes themselves to be attacked by the group of escaped slaves, but Elentha quickly cools things over between the […]

Session Four: Overwhelming Victory-Damn 11-14

November 14, 2011

Today started off with Mider being arrested by Templar’s for not having his papers during the changing of the guards.  He got thrown in a cell with Taliesin and the body of the now deceased Kavarius.  A little while later a young lady was thrown in the cell, and oddly the lead Templar moved most […]

Session Three: Fall of the Tanks 10-16-2011

October 17, 2011

The Road to Raam The party gears up before heading out of Draji.  The hire am elf cornac named Elaji, and buy some gear for their journey.  The load up their newly acquired Mekillot, and take off.  They attempt to find a caravan, but are unable to locate one so take off on their own.  […]

Session Two: To End A Templar’s Dream 10-1-2011

October 9, 2011

Whispers: Part 2 Most of Trogdor found themselves in a precarious position of being trapped and equipment less, while Taliesin had just alerted the guards to their presence there.  Luckily he had tricked one of the guards into leaving his post.  During this slight distraction Karvius slipped his acid out and ate away at the […]

Session One: Out of Slavery-Into Prison 9-4-2011

September 5, 2011

Slavery: The party Trogdor found themselves in the grip of the slavery.  They had travelled to six of the city-states of Tyr to be shown off as gladiators.  Their prowess was noteworthy, and although many in group of Trogdor had been slain, there were still six going forward.  Master Arin, a renowned war hero who […]

Introduction Part 1

August 30, 2011

One way or another you have all arrived in this giant caravan, probably close to 2,000 strong.  There are 8 Mekillots, huge lizards with thick shells, each with the shell reshaped to fit a howdah on the back of it, a covered enclosure, most of which are made out of wood.  Two of the howdahs […]