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Prestige Classes

October 17, 2011

Here are the prestige classes that are can be used for this campaign that I have already converted over.  All others from DS material is allowed, but have yet to be converted. arrow-knight-pathfinder-conversion Blind Fighter – Pathfinder Conversion Cornac- Pathfinder Conversion Desert Runner – Pathfinder Conversion Elite Sniper – Pathfinder Conversion Poisonmaster – Pathfinder Conversion […]

Divine Caster Guide

August 25, 2011

All divine classes are listed at the bottom. Remember:  All divine classes, except for druids and rangers have a 5% chance of spell failure and a 5% chance of a wild surge.  Druids and Rangers follow the rules out line in the character creation guidelines. Cleric and domain Guide The 12 descriptors for the elements […]

Character Creation Guideline

August 24, 2011

At the bottom of the page are the house rules document, non-divine character classes documents, alternate-races info, life-shaping handbook, trade lords document(for trader class), the dark sun players handbook, and prestige class guides.  All divine Classes will be found in the divine caster guide. Special thanks for Paizo,  athas.com, Tri-Pod Machine, Blue Goblin Studios, and […]