Under A Bleeding Sun
A Dark Sun Pathfinder Campaign

About Under a Bleeding Sun

Under A Bleeding Sun is a Dark Sun Campaign that I am running for between 4-6 players as we fluctuate.  Dark Sun takes place on the world of Athas, a post-apocalyptic world where metal is rare, the world was destroyed by defiling magic, almost every creature has some natural psionics, and psions are held in the highest regard, the world is ran by evil sorcerer-kings and water is a rare treasure.  It is a survival, political and combat based system where big things are happening.  The game opens up in the 190th’s King Age, the Year of Priests Contemplation near the end of the month of Macro.  Recently a group of adventurers has slain one of the sorcerer-kings and another two have gone missing.  This has opened up something the people of Athas has not had for over 4000 years- HOPE.  Scholars and fortune tellers are calling this the age of heroes, such a giant event it was, every year before 12 years ago when the heroes defiantly slew the sorcerer king is known as a negative year(very similar to bc).  The heroes now embark early in the 12th Free year in the season of Sun’s Ascending to embark on an epic journey.  The world is in desperate need of heroes right now, but will this group be heroes or villains, and will they even make it to the next level…


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