Under A Bleeding Sun
A Dark Sun Pathfinder Campaign

Session Five: A Rebirth Begins In Athas 11-20

When we last left the party they had just won an overwhelming battle, and the party was surrounded by a group known as the free, who had Elentha with them.  The party, answering questions dumbly, almost causes themselves to be attacked by the group of escaped slaves, but Elentha quickly cools things over between the two groups and the Free decide to allow the party to travel with them to their camp.  The party decides to leave their wagon behind, and planned to come get it later.

There are many discussions going on about the great one as the party travels to camp.  They try to pry information from the members of the free discussing it, but quickly realize that they are mostly just guessing.  Elentha asks the party if Korgunard has made contact with them, and Akus tells her there was a strange dream vision they had received.  She tells him he should try to create contact with him again that night.

The party arrives at the camp of the Free and partakes in food and drink.  Vyndaeth decides to go back to the camp of the slave tribe that had attacked them earlier and steal their beasts of burdens, as they will no longer be needing them.  He takes off, and Akus manages to connect with Korgunard, who sends the entire party another dream vision.  Mider goes underneath the sand to sleep, while Akus and Tik-Tak keep guard over Korgunard.

The night goes well until a group of Antloids attack the camp in the middle of the night.  Akus and Tik-Tak carry Korgunard to freedom and manage to escape, with minimum of fuss, thanks to a haste scroll.  Mider wakes up from the commotion, and transforms into sandy form and escapes, with no knowledge of where the rest of the party is, and goes underground to finish resting and learn his that he is likely to need.

Vyndaeth returns to camp early with the beasts and the wagon, and sees a few people poking around the remains of the devastated camp.  He makes his way towards it, and the remaining free inform him that they were out on patrol when the attack happened,  and that they spotted a Templar patrol about half a days journey out.  Vyndaeth does a  quick looting, and is on his way, following the tracks to find Akus and Tik-Tak.  Luckily, they didn’t cover their trails at all, and he easily finds them.

Right around the time they are gearing up, Mider sends a sending to Vyndaeth, who fills him in briefly on their status and tells Mider to hurry his ass and catch up.  Mider stops at the camp and raises a small army of undead Antloids and rides them to catch the rest of the party.  The next day goes well, while the party is hustling to keep ahead of the Templar’s, and the animal life starts guiding them where they need to go.  The party decides to follow the animals, and end up with a group of raiders with black paint on their face, in the guise of wraiths, guarding the path into the valley.

The party enters combat almost immediately, and Vyndaeth shoots some crossbow bolts into the big raiders face.  The combat goes relatively smoothly, with Tik-Tak getting dropped into a spiked pit, and the wizard getting dropped shortly thereafter.

Mider decides to speak to the wizard, whose name is Hespulto, and quickly learns that he worked for a dark master that way trying to steal Korgunard, but he had plans to take him himself, as he could be used in a dark arcane ritual.  The Templar Malestic had hired Lokee, the warlord leading the obsidian wraiths to obtain the party for himself.

The party continues on and sees wildlife everywhere, in a quantity that is unprecedented throughout most of Athas.  They are greeted by flowing water, and a Spirit Of The Land who informs tells them that he must have Korgunard to complete the ritual, and that the party must defend the valley against Malestic.

The party sets up an ambush, and notices the size of the attacker, about 25 strong.  The party wait for an ambush, but Malestic, having a high wisdom and level, notices the party and combat starts.  Some area spells really help the party, and the combat is vicious, but the party takes them most out, and a few stragglers escape.

They go back to the ceremony, and get blasted by the positive energy coming out, as life around them sprouts up, and the already abundant amount of life in the valley grows even more extreme, with life literally springing up in seconds.  It is a truly amazing site to behold.

Korgunard transforms into a stage one Avangion, an advanced being that can rival that of the Dragons.  He informs the party that he owes each of them a favor, and the party then asked for their favors….


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