Under A Bleeding Sun
A Dark Sun Pathfinder Campaign

Tik-Tak (Arcane Shadows)

Tik-Tak (clickickclack-klickclook) is a Kreen Psionic Monk who met the party in the wilderness, while they were invading his territory.  He was on the verge of attacking the party when Vyndaeth decided to show him that they were transferring the “Great One.”  He offered his aide in transporting the great one to the spirit of the land.  The party accepted, and have learned he is quite and polite.  He has proven to be of some use to the party, including alerting them to a massive ambush that no one else spotted in time.

Tik-Tak continued to be of use to the party, and survived through-out the entire module of Arcane Shadows, including saving korgunard, and taking on a large swarm (8 plus) of the guys on the final boss battle..  He left the party as they left the Valley of the Spirit of the Land, and said he considers them friends.


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