Under A Bleeding Sun
A Dark Sun Pathfinder Campaign

Session Three: Fall of the Tanks 10-16-2011

The Road to Raam

The party gears up before heading out of Draji.  The hire am elf cornac named Elaji, and buy some gear for their journey.  The load up their newly acquired Mekillot, and take off.  They attempt to find a caravan, but are unable to locate one so take off on their own.  The days go by uneventfully until the third night, when Mider hears a sound in the distance.  He starts to yell at the party to wake up and is assaulted by a barrage of psionic force.  It’s not looking good as the party wakes up, and Mider is barraged by another array of psychic energy, while Zivenja falls to the floor and starts donning her armor.  The whole party lies in wait(all but Mider move to the lower level) while Mider puts up a mist to protect them from further psionic attacks.  The enemy moves forward (unkown to the party) while buffing itself.  When close it runs up the howdah to the second level where Mider is positioned.

The party runs up to start fighting the beast that gets off one full attack before the party corners it and the Cornac unleashes something that causes the beast to flee.  Mider releases the fog and Karvius and Zivenja give chase while Taliesin unleashes an arrow at it. The beast runs off, pulling the over confident fighters along.  It starts to use a fight and withdrawl pattern, and as soon as it gets savagely hit it manifests an odd power that it tries to strike at Karvius with.  Karvius dodges out of the way and Zivenja runs up and bashes.  The beast, filled with an fury for the beating its gotten at the half-giants hand unleashes its powered claw at Zivenja, healing the beast while dealing deadly damage to Zivenja, who promptly dies.  At the same moment the beast unleashes another power on Karvius, who runs off in terror.  The beast escapes.  Seeing nothing left to do, the party quickly loots the still warm corpse.

Tyrian Conspiracy Part 1

The party makes the rest of the trip to Raam, where they sell a lot of loot, and make a pretty penny.  They enter an inn where they are motioned to by a female red headed human who wants to hire the party.  She wants them to join a caravan heading to Urik and continue with it to Tyr and pays them preemptively with three gold coins, wow what a find!!!  The party decides they will take the job and while doing some more shopping; they get jumped by a small group, poorly armed.  They make pretty short work of them, and question one of the survivors who claims to have been hired by an unknown half-elf, who paid them a few CP’s each.  Taliesin, being outraged by such (stupidity?) (audacity?) something, makes an attack on the survivor, who runs off, and the party lets him go.  They take another survivor who was paralyzed and they cut off his thumbs(what’s they do with the thumbs??)  and let him go.

They go and introduce themselves to Nadar, and get hired on for the job, leaving the next morning.  They return to the Inn to sleep and get woken up in the middle of the night by a flask of alchemist fire breaking in through the window and starting a fire in the middle of the room.  The party runs out of the room and Mider gets stabbed in the side by a familiar Mul who they had battled back in Draji.  He went invisible again and busted out through the window at the end of the hall.  A rain cleric in a nearby room is able to put out the fire before it does to much damage, and the party goes back to sleep.  Taliesin leaves early the next morning to look for poison supplies, unsuccessful yet again, and goes to the caravan.  The party leaves, and Taliesin is handed a rather disturbing note.  He hands the kid a bit and reads the note.

As the party gets to the compound and starts gearing up a half-elf enters the camp, and after briefly talking to Nadar, approaches the PC’s, who learn very quickly that he was behind the attack on them the other day.  After a brief and heated conversation they part ways.

The journey is quiet, with Mider and Karvius going hunting every night for a new undead to raise.  Finally, on the last night of their journey the find and easily lay waste to a large beetle, who Mider raises the next morning.

As the enter town the next day the party decided to split up.

Mider just asks around, and learns that the Templar’s are being bigger dicks than normal.

Karvius follows Nadar, who goes to a small hovel, and after talking with them heads to a House Stel compound.  Karvius tries to gain access, but is turned away.  He continues following Nadar when he leaves the Stel compound.  After winding through the streets for sometime yet again, he continues back to the hovel.  After Nadar enters Karvius kicks in the door, and three mages stand, blasting him with black tentacles and negative energy. The wizards, amused at his effort, offer to let Karvius goes, who accepts their offer.  He follows Nadar when he leaves the Wizard Cabal and is confronted by a pack of half giant Templars- who have a really hard time subduing him, but they manage to do it.

Arcane Shadows: Part 1

Taliesin decides to head off again to acquire “herbs” and after a very short amount of inquiring is confronted by a group of Templar Half-giants, and after a short struggle is quickly subdued and thrown into a wagon prison with other people jailed for “non-crime” crimes.

He is thrown into the same wagon cage as Taliesin, and talks shit to the head Templar who is eyeing him angrily.  The templar delivers a cause critical wounds and Karvius returns the favor by spitting in the Templar’s face.  The templar is outraged and charges and delivers a slay living- finishing off Karvius…who was the only member who knew what Nadar was up to.


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