Under A Bleeding Sun
A Dark Sun Pathfinder Campaign

Session One: through the eyes of Mider

So we came to our final town and our final battles. With the light at the end of the tunnel I became quite eager for my release. I had always imagined that day as a chance to strip myself of a shackled life once again and start again fresh hunting down the poison of my youth. Oddly, I found myself having a very hard time casting off some of the chains of my imprisonment, namely my fellow slaves were harder to let go than I had expected. Perhaps I had grown a bit too dependant on them after our great many fights, but regardless of the psychology at work, they seemed useful…..in a very unconventional way. Having strong arms and access to cash, even if it was through underground channels, would prove useful in gaining might to crush the arcane.

It wasn’t long until my first target came to me. A wizard was captured right in the heart of town. Naturally I followed him. I questioned him, I played nice, I told him that I could help his friends find him. He shut me down at every turn. He seemed honest in saying he had no other leads in the area, but who can ever really trust a wizard?

One potential benefit of meeting with him though was to meet with another captive. A birdman who was dying in his cage. It was obvious he was a hapless twit that despite his good nature was being killed wrongfully. The half giant and myself wanted to help it, but perhaps for different reasons. I saw a potential resource, good men tend to pay their debts, and I was in a position to leverage his life, but the time was not right. I needed to free the birdman and kill the wizard at once, it would be too risky to come back after any one event, and I had reason to believe the bard could help in this endeavor come night time.

Unfortunately, the bard’s kleos began to get the better of him, and the pride in his voice began to worry me that the wizard may actually be freed. So I did what I had to do. Just before dawn when we went to stockades, I began to burn the wizard’s blood. It would have been a very slow process and we could have gotten any information we wanted from him, but the wizard’s silver tongue began to work on my fellow ex-cons. Distrust and misplaced hate began being tossed about as loosely as the wizard’s blasphemous magic once had been. In the chaos, Talisin put his anger back where it belonged and began to threaten the wizard. Who would have known the coward would actually meet the bard’s blade half way? Oh well one goal accomplished.

I will have to admit that I was a bit more curious of what the devil mage had to say. So I didn’t let him get away so easily. I began to give his corpse an inquisition. I trusted him much more this way anyway. The fiend did give us a very good lead on a new rising power that needed to be subverted, but even in death he was not without his tricks. Still slinging misdirection, he mentioned some supposed lost riches due to his death. Hearing this the meathead Kavarius struck me as if it was somehow me that had taken something from him. On instinct I was angry, but it would almost be as futile as holding a grudge against a dog whose master had told it to “sick.” Humph…in retrospect I almost feel sorry for the poor dancing puppet. I will have to keep a closer eye on those strings.

In the meantime, Zivenja freed the birdman. Two goals accomplished…almost. With all the chaos of the mage and the threats also to the birdman, I don’t think he will turn out to be quite the asset I was hoping for, either way I was no worse off than before I met him.

We followed the leads about rising power to a Chuch of the Storms. The ex-cons began to really prove their worth outside of the arena by aiding in the acquiring of information and access. After accessing the church, having Talisin meet to the leaders, and gaining info on a great cataclysm scheduled for two days henceforth, we made our way to take out one of the church insiders.

Unfortunately, that mission was cut short when the pigs in priests clothing came and arrested Zivenja, Kavarius, and I for suspicious behavior regarding the wizard. When questioned, the fools seemed to think that I wanted to work with him. I granted their feeble minded psychic access to my mind to show them that I had nothing but contempt for the demon, but this didn’t satisfy them completely. Saying I knew too much, mainly the fact that they are foolish hacks that are only able to operate because most of the town is kept even more ignorant than they are, we were imprisoned…….once again.


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