Under A Bleeding Sun
A Dark Sun Pathfinder Campaign

Introduction Part 1

One way or another you have all arrived in this giant caravan, probably close to 2,000 strong.  There are 8 Mekillots, huge lizards with thick shells, each with the shell reshaped to fit a howdah on the back of it, a covered enclosure, most of which are made out of wood.  Two of the howdahs are made of iron, each of which appears over crowded, holding slaves who are to fight in the gladiatorial arena’s at Draj. The six standard howdah’s have siege equipment mounted to the sides, and look quite intimidating.

There is also around a dozen enclosed wagons, getting towed by either two Inixes, large lizard with long curling tails and a broad mouth, or by four Erdlu’s, a form of flightless bird with either heavy scales or rough feathers, standing about the size of an elf.

There are a large variety of people with-in the caravan.  There are a number of nobles in two of the howdahs, which when you are lucky enough to pass behind them you notice a cool breeze coming out of the back of, very unusual.  One group of the gladiator slaves seem in great health, and you hear the majority of those slaves are just two battles away from their 30 battle quota, the point where Master Argonald, a mul ex-gladiator slave himself, releases them.  the wagons are mostly owned by various Trading Houses, and although there is obvious hostility amongst some of them, they seem to be holding it back in their current environment.

Today, on your travels, one of the hired guards and a noble get into an argument.  It looks like the guard had accidentally kicked some sand into his shoe as the noble was walking by.  The argument gets explosive and Noble pulls out his scimitar and guts the man were he stands.  It seemed that the caravan master had heard this scuffle, and dismounted from the head Mekillot to explore this disturbance.  He approaches the noble and informs him that he has just volunterred to fill the guards position.  The noble, still surging with the rage of sand in his shoe, explodes-“How dare you try and command me, I am a noble of Urik and no man can command me.” He goes on for about a minute more, than he notices the calm demeanor and the penetrating gaze from the caravan master.  he quietly moves and fills in the guards spot.  the caravan master, now satisfied, moves back and climbs up his Howdah at the front of the caravan, leaving the crimson sand behind them all.

Welcome to Athas!

At the moment the great caravan is heading to Draj for The Flowery Wars- a week long event that promotes martial prowess, where warriors prove their strength and abilities.  It is a brutal time, and people from the world over come to witness the feats and miracles of the time.  Draji distrust magic and psionics, and believe the rule of arm is meant to rule supreme.  You are set to arrive there two days before the official start of the Flowery Wars.  It is to this place you go to make your fortune, get your freedom, or find your death.

Erdlu: A tall, flightless bird with heavy scales or rough feathers, this creature is as tall as an elf. It has a long neck, large beak and stands on two tough, sinewy legs.

Inix: This large lizard has a long, curling tail and a broad mouth that looks quite capable of swallowing a halfling in a single gulp.

Mekillot: This enormous lizard dwarfs you with its sheer bulk. Thirty feet long and covered with a thick shell, it lumbers forward with a plodding inevitability.

The Beasts Of Burden:


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