Under A Bleeding Sun
A Dark Sun Pathfinder Campaign

Taliesn Mento – Introduction

Taliesin is currently 23, 5’11”, 147 lbs, His hair changes colors from town to town with dies he uses(sand blonde at the moment) when the temperature permits he wears a light jacket and black slacks with a tux type shirt (his wedding day dress) and a wide brimmed black hat. He uses his music notes and his flute as his performance item. He is not very vocal and seems brooding most the time. He hides his pain with sarcasm and bravado. His lines that you may hear him say frequently are “who do you think I am!” “My music will put them to rest.” “Go on I’ll cover you” “Your sorrows pale in comparison to that day.”

Taliesin Mento has made it through Slavery, Whispers and the Road to Raam.  He is currently engaged in Tyrian Conspiracy and Arcane Shadows.


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